Just spent eight days there in the Bay area. I lived in Orange County for 10 years before moving back to Utah. Here's what I saw last week:

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Date: Monday 7 January 2019, at 10:04 am
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One of the greatest public parks on the planet (Golden Gate Park)
Two of maybe the five most beautiful bridges in the world. (Bay and Golden Gate).
THE best public aquarium (Monterrey)
A redwood forest which I hiked through just outside Aptos, Ca. It's a state park.
About 100 miles of public beaches which were clean and just covered with happy children and their happy parents.
5 deer, 30-40 turkeys and 1 coyote on the property of the airbnb we stayed at for $100 a day in Los Gatos (Silicon Valley).
Trains, busses and the BART system everywhere so car traffic (I put 800 miles on the rental car) was surprisingly light.
About the same #of homeless people I would see in Salt Lake.
Clean air every day. Not at all what I came home to.
Around 1 million dogs being walked in neighborhoods, on jogging paths and along the beach.
10 artichokes for 10 dollars in Watsonville.
In short, just a whole damn lot of fit, happy people who are raising a whole lot of fit, happy kids.
Also the state is running a multi billion surplus right now.

When was the last time you were in California?

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