Early in 2018 the Democrats strongly supported a deeply bipartisan bill that gave $25B for the wall, in exchange for extending the DACA protections for kids who have lived here for most of their lives. Trump reversed course and wouldn't sign it.

Posted By: Puget Ute
Date: Monday 7 January 2019, at 10:01 am
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He demanded more xenophobic concessions to appease the racists in his staff (esp. Miller and Kelly) and the talking heads on Fox News.

Before Christmas there was a super-bipartisan bill that would have provided wall funding and kept the government open. It was passed 98-2 in the Senate, was very strong in the House, and had been acceptable to Trump in the negotiations. But then Ann Coulter and the Fox news folks got into his head and he reversed course.

He does not negotiate in good faith and is not a man of his word. Because of that, there is no reason to negotiate in any way. He does not seem to remember the whats and whys of the positions after they are negotiated.

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