RE: I have a feeling that congresswoman Oscadio Cortez is going to shake up the establishment in what I hope is a good way

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Sunday 6 January 2019, at 08:37 pm
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In the 60 Minutes thing she makes a key comment about her mistakes in math and logic: 'she can't understand why others that are more concerned about being factually and precisely correct than being morally right’. In other words, if she is following what she thinks is morally correct; being factual is a nice to have not a necessity. This frees her up from having to make sense. Others would want being factual to lead to what is right rather than ignoring facts to get to what is right. Now you can see how her example of how to pay for health care came about. It was good that we were doing what is right even though her explanation of how it would work was total nonsense.

Who does not like the sound of free stuff? Will something we don’t have enough money for always seem better than what we have money for? Everyone has a list of what they would like to be free, but the lists are always longer than what is practical or possible. She just does not need facts to get into the way of what she thinks is possible.

I think you will find her to talk about much that is dreamy, but you might also want to listen to someone that helps you understand what is factually possible. Goodness, the USSR had free healthcare, problem was you just couldn’t get it. Might need to be factual and a bit precise to do better. I sense she might not know much about the UK or Scandinavian healthcare and how it really works for the little guy, she knows more about what she thinks is right.

That said, there are so many things that need to be done to make healthcare better. Just not sure she has any background in anything more that making it free.
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