she mentioned Sweden, Norway and somewhere else as her inspiration for healthcare, education etc. NO mention of Venezuela, so what is your fear based on?

Posted By: FlyfishingUte
Date: Sunday 6 January 2019, at 07:18 pm
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because she and others want to make our tax policies more fair? is it fair that the 1% pay a smaller percentage than somebody who makes less that six figures a year? is it fair that the GOP tax plan generally benefited the people whom need it the least the most? i assure my paycheck did not go up substantially due to the tax cut.

Trump was touting a tax plan for the middle class, suddenly crickets on that plan, it's disappeared?

you continually defend him and the GOP yet there is scant evidence that any of them care about the Average American. They are beholden to their corporate overlords.

How trumps defenders can continue to defend him when 90% of what he says /tweets contradicts what he said the day before. He said he'd be happy to own the shutdown now he wants to blame the democrats? how can you trust someone like that? I don't get it
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