Is the wall immoral or does it not work? Cause if it doesn’t work it’s not immoral.

Posted By: UTE BC
Date: Sunday 6 January 2019, at 07:16 pm
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on a more serious note you guys should watch the movie "Traffic" with your daughters. They should be aware of how women in this country are abducted into human trafficking. The democrats party doesn't care how many of our children are taken into slavery by traffickers coming in from Mexico as long as they get their illegal votes to pursue their ruling class take over of our country. Its a a multi billion dollar a year industry that reaches right up to highest levels of governments all over the world. 1.9 million of our children are abducted and sold into slavery around the world every year! These girls are ambushed and abducted at gas stations and other places were they are exposed.

The communist anti Americans in this country (i.e. Demacrook party) of course are doing everything they can to stop our president from hurting their business and shutting down the trafficking lanes running across the boarder.

Football season is over.
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