So Penis Harmon and the BYuck fans were complaining about the refs in the UOP game

Posted By: Gator
Date: Saturday 5 January 2019, at 03:14 pm
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That was nothin'!!! You should have seen the Gang Rape by the Zebras in the UPay game. No wonder that UPay almost never loses at home.

The PAC-12 will always be a skid row conference unless they somehow find a way to get officials who are competent and without bias.

And the Puke12 network needs a policy that states that no "color guy" for a broadcast has any affiliation with one of the teams playing. You know, just so there is not anything that could be deemed the appearance of impartiality. Examples would be Eddie House doing an ASU game, Richard Jefferson doing an ARIZ game, or Bill Walton doing a UCLA game.

End of rant. Oh, and the Utes are getting better.
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