They will make a very small number of products available in gel cubes. Minimal variation allowed. No custom blends. No variety of strains for different effects.

Posted By: Puget Ute
Date: Thursday 6 December 2018, at 06:59 pm
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You have to buy through the dispensaries, can't grow it yourself (it 'literally' grows like a weed).

The crazy thing is people can already buy a vape pen and a few grams of shatter or oil for $100 or less, immediately across the border, in three different directions, and be set for a while (weeks/months). It's not that tough to conceal, and smells the same as regular vaping most of the time (no real odor). And that is for the REAL stuff, not just CBD.

All this new law will do is make it tough for law-abiding people jump through excessive hoops as they suffer. Pot sales brings in over $1B in taxes to both WA and CO.
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