I may have shared a ski lift chair with this guy and his girlfriend at Snowbird.

Posted By: The Stadium Pooper
Date: Thursday 6 December 2018, at 02:59 pm
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Got on a quad chairlift with two strangers and my friend who was visiting Salt Lake for the first time. After establishing that I was from Holladay, the other two were a newly married couple from Utah County, and my friend was from Minnesota, the couple excitedly asked us if we saw The President having brunch at the restaurant near the tram. We were both confused. I was about to ask if Dick Bass was still the President of Snowbird, when my friend asked, "Barack Obama, the president, of the US?!"

No, it was Thomas S. Monsen, President of the LDS Church, occupant of a 2700 sq ft rambler just off of Highland Drive, known simply as "Tommy" to some residents of his neighborhood that weren't going to church at the time. Apparently he's also somehow President of everyone who skis at Snowbird.

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