For those touting that medical marijuana should be dispensed by a pharmacist, have you ever been to a marijuana dispensary?

Posted By: Red Don
Date: Thursday 6 December 2018, at 02:23 pm
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You don't just walk in and ask "for some marijuana". The choices are intimidating and numerous. This is just for some of the vape cartridges at the small dispensary near my home in Vegas. This doesn't include all of the herb choices and then the edibles, candy, cookies, and on and on.

They would have to more than double the size of the pharmacies and who's going to answer all of the questions regarding the product? You think your wait time is long now at the pharmacy? All this would do is make bartenders out of the pharmacists.

And because of the ridiculous federal classification of marijuana as a Schedule I, they deal only in cash. That will be fun for pharmacies continually explaining that to patients and having to deal with all of that cash.

A crazy idea meant to control, complicate and hopefully break the the process.
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