Stay away from those flat earther types, unless you want your brain melted. There's usually a scientific explanation, and this is no exception.

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Date: Thursday 6 December 2018, at 06:27 am
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Trees are full of water, so they're wet. And that's why a lot of them won't burn - because they have too high of a heat capacity stored in the water to actually combust. Although if you look closely at those photos you can see there's a lot of vegetation that still burned.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, wood houses don't actually burn more than their steel counterparts. If it gets hot enough, a building with a steel frame is far more likely to melt and crumple than one made with big wooden beams. And nowadays, a lot of houses in California are made with steel.

Big logs and big trees out in the woods and so forth typically don't burn except right around the outside. You need a tremendous amount of heat over a long time to burn right through a log. If you had a house made of huge wooden beams, it would probably stay standing after the fire.

Plus, there's also some randomness involved. When embers are flying all over the place - thanks to erratic winds - it's much more likely they hit the roof of a house and ignite that than blow through the branches of a tree. at-ea rther-thinks-the-california-wildfires-are - a-conspiracy-science-disagrees ed-trees-next-to-burned-down-structures-a s -evidence-of-secret-energy-weapons.t9168/
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