Kind of makes you embarassed for them on City Creek. All they had to do was block Boyer from building Gateway, and no titty bar at Dead Goat. But slept through Crossroads' implosion instead. Billion dollars of oops.

Posted By: Duhwayne
Date: Wednesday 5 December 2018, at 04:51 pm
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But by all means, go be the lightning rod cover for Evangelicals and Catholics and other religious folks who think you're a cult, and lobby in California on nonmember marriage and other culture war garbage. Quit the Boy Scouts to take a confusing stand. Send the choir to the inaugural for President MeToo. I'm sure you'll manage all that recruting PR impact on this government relations stuff just fine.

I am not antimormon. I am anti incompetence. The church has the power to do A TON of good especially locally like they did on immigration and homelessness, and they slam their dicks in the door on culture war crap instead. Smacks of trying to sit at the grownup table do-you-like-me egotism instead of defining GR KPIs measured in terms of winning hearts and doing good. The thing is, the other church grownups at that table are kind of terrible people. After all Evangelicals are the unthinking bedrock of the most immoral president ever. By their fruits.

Frustrating to watch.
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