A thought on Utah's medical MJ law

Posted By: pangloss
Date: Wednesday 5 December 2018, at 03:03 pm
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The irritation of the pro MMJ folks is not so much with the changes made to the medical MJ law. It's more so, the paternalistic condescension of the state legislature.

In Utah, the power to create law is solely vested in the legislature. An "initiated state statute" is not binding. It is little more than a suggestion to the 29 state senators and 75 state representatives. The law enabling "initiated state statute" elections was a bone to appease the electorate into thinking we have a participatory state government. The real power is exercised from the top down, not from the populace up.

The most powerful participant in the process to create Utah law is Temple Square (when they feel like it). It's been that way since Brigham Young said "This the place." They're a little more subtle about it now days, but the real power brokers are, and have always been, the top of the LDS church hierarchy. After all, 'father knows best'.

562,762 citizens, 53%, voted for the Prop 2 "initiated state statute". It was not a referendum. Utah doesn't do referendums. A referendum is where a law is presented to the people for a direct, democratic decision. All we can do is make a suggestion.

But the suggestion of a half-million voters is pretty loud so Temple Square allowed the legislative leadership to write a medical MJ law. And I think that's what pisses us off the most - the condescending paternalistic attitude -- that it is the responsibility of the very few to always know what's best for the very many.

So, roll another one, just like the other one, and pass it over to me. I'll feel better.

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