Cinderfella finish to season

Posted By: Forever Crimson
Date: Friday 9 November 2018, at 10:26 am
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Anyone remember Brett Ratliff starting in place of B Johnson against BYU? Johnson was injured and Ratliff had to start in one of our most important games against our hated rival.

I remember not having much confidence in the Utes chances because Ratliff was a bit of an unknown. He was more of a pocket passer, and Johnson had some scrambling skills.

It was so surprising how Ratliff performed. He looked like he had been the starting QB from the start, and led the Utes to a 41-34 Victory! Woohoo!

Then the Utes finished the season off with a victory over Georgia Tech in a bowl game.

Cinderella finish!

So its possible. There is a reason the backup QB is very important in football, since there is the chance of injury at any time in this sport. We have to trust that the coaches selected well and picked the guy that gives the Utes the best chance to win.

This is going to be quite a test against Oregon, but it is at home, which is an advantage.

Also, The Ute defense is still a great defense, and they will have to step it up to support Shelley.

Of course it is not all on Shelley. The O line must do a great job. The receivers and running backs have to give that extra effort. No dropped balls, no fumbles, and extra effort to gain that extra yard.

Shelley has a good supporting cast. I say the Utes have a chance, and that is all you every ask for. Right?
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