I'm really concerned with overall bball IQ with this team...

Posted By: MinnesotaUte
Date: Friday 9 November 2018, at 07:57 am

I'm not overreacting, there is a lot of season left, but our new guys really show their inexperience, and our seasoned guys have not really shown a lot of seasoning in these games (PVD, Sed, JJ) they just seem like they are the same players they've always been (to me anyway). Turnovers seem to characterize Krysko's teams, is that fair?

The one guy who seems demonstrably better is Donnie. I love the improvements in his shot, and he really looks like he has worked on his body. Last year he seemed more like a bruiser of an undersized power forward, this year he seems more like a long strong wing. He's going to be a match up problem for a lot of teams this year.

I am excited for some of the new faces, but I think our season will live or die on how much confidence Larry can build with these guys and how fast they will develop. I worry because it seems like we have had many new guys that seem like they have a lot of potential that lose confidence, lose patience, then leave. If that happens to any combination of Allen, Both, or Vante, I'm going to see this as a continuation of the same pattern that get's us to bridesmaid status, but will prevent us from ever being the bride. We need these highly and deliberately recruited freshmen to grow and produce if we ever want to get back to elite status, IMHO.

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