Shelley has had over a week to acclimate. Shyne, Green and Brumfield less time, but I agree...

Posted By: Ma'ake
Date: Friday 9 November 2018, at 07:14 am
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Shyne & Green bring their own skillsets, have largely been in the shadow of Moss, though they've both been effective changeup options.

Brumfield brings a load, but he's a freshman from Louisiana, so I don't expect a lot, but he could do some damage if the OL is getting a push and we need to play Utah-style power ball.

Otherwise, I think Shelley, Covey, the WRs and TEs, and especially the OL need to step up.

If our defense isn't salivating for a redemptive performance... they wouldn't be football players. These guys want to make everyone forget last week.

Matt Gay & Mitch need to win the ST battle. They have the credentials. Just freaking do it!
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