RE: A ton of experimentation tonight...

Posted By: Forever Crimson
Date: Thursday 8 November 2018, at 10:12 pm

Yes, experimentation. Coach K is probably doing a lot of it to find a line ups that will work together.

Yes, PVD looks like he is much more confident in his shot. In this offense, when he gets a clear opening, he should have the green light to take it every time.

Same for Barefield. I really liked his handle tonight. He will probably need to play the point most of the time, and take his shot when needed. I hope Hendrix or Allen can work into being a big point guard, to spell barefield a few minutes.

Hendrix and Allen are the two most impressive newcomers I see. For Freshman, they have bright futures ahead if they work hard. They are undersized for Forwards, but handle the ball really well. Which is a plus for a running team.

Jayce is just getting back, otherwise I wasn't impressed, since he has a few inches on any player he was facing. Hopefully he works hard to improve. For a junior that has been in the program for awhile, he hasn't made a lot of improvement over last year.

Novak may be serviceable, but for his height and body, he doesn't post up and score, or dominate on rebounds. He has room for a lot of improvement.

Hope this isn't too negative for the second game of the preseason.
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