A ton of experimentation tonight...

Posted By: Ma'ake
Date: Thursday 8 November 2018, at 09:12 pm
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Maine was fundamentally sound, played hard.

- great to see Jayce Johnson back. Just as nice to see Novak play a solid game, expected against the smaller Maine.

- Both and Allen with slower starts, but not really a concern.

- PVD made as many 3s tonight as all last year, it seemed like. Hope he keeps it up.

- Hendrix is an energy wing, scored 5 points in about 8 seconds as soon as he came in, disrupted on defense, skyed to get a defensive rebound over the back of Novak.

- We played a lot of man D, then 2-3 zone, they really mixed things up.

- We showed a "max-length" lineup of Jayce, Tillman, Allen, Both and Hendrix. Hard to get any kind of pass through all that length / quickness.

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