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What the hell has become of this country?

Posted By: Proud2BaUte
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 08:46 pm

We now live in a time:

- When there are more mass shootings than our favorite football team plays games in a year.

- If you are depressed - go kill people first before killing yourself.

- The president of our country publicly trashes anyone who just happens to disagree with him.

- Members of congress promote uncivil acts against those who work for or support the president.

- America's dad commits double digit rapes.

- The doctor for US gymnasts molested over 50 young girls.

- False accusations are made against people simply for political reasons.

- TV commentators houses are attacked and threats are made simply because he/she makes statements you disagree with.

- There are many other crazy things going on right now.

It is a sad state of affairs. I love my country and am deeply in debt to those who have sacrificed their lives for me. But, I am not proud of this country right now. The political polarization is out of control. People are becoming violent because they don't get their way. I cannot wrap my head around this. I am a disappointed American tonight.

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Proud2BaUte icon NEW: What the hell has become of this country?
Proud2BaUte - Top 25 Poster -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 08:46 pm [ID# 1929470] [reply]
o NEW: If you look at everything as a percentage of population, there's never been less crime and general douchebaggery than now. It's simply a matter of population size and media coverage. (short)
The Stadium Pooper - -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 09:16 pm [ID# 1929472] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: Moose, the optimist. Hell hath frozen over. (nm)
Zeous - -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 09:25 pm [ID# 1929473] [reply]
The Thrill icon NEW: Honestly, I believe the only change is these things are more exposed and reported today
The Thrill - Top 25 Poster -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 09:30 pm [ID# 1929474] [reply]
480ute icon NEW: Sure, if you're looking back that far, but it seems like there's a lot more craziness being reported in just the past few years than immediately prior to.
480ute - -- Friday 9 November 2018, at 09:02 am [ID# 1929496] [reply]
The Thrill icon NEW: I agree. The hostility is seeking from a greater understanding of how bad people really are. (nm)
The Thrill - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 9 November 2018, at 03:54 pm [ID# 1929563] [reply]
o NEW: You forgot that people in Putin's inner circle laundered billions through real estate holdings of the president and there may be a pee tape, and half the Senate and a third of the country thinks it is rude to mention this
Duhwayne - -- Friday 9 November 2018, at 04:39 am [ID# 1929486] [reply]
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