I worry a lot about mentally ill people with guns

Posted By: execUTEioner
Date: Thursday 8 November 2018, at 12:44 pm

I have a friend who I have known for over 20 years. I have never known him to have mental issues until about 4 years ago when his wife divorced him. Since then his behavior has been extremely strange and worrisome. He can't hold a steady job. He has extreme anxiety and paranoia. He's bounced around from place to place and usually get's kicked out due to his behavior. Just a few examples of his craziness over the past few years:

I could do another 100 bullet points of similar, crazy stories. He owns an AR-15 type semi-automatic rifle and a semi-auto 9mm hand gun and keeps them in his truck. He sometimes has violent fantasies about people who he thinks has slighted him, such as beating up a co-worker that he thinks is messing with him or catching someone breaking into his truck and killing them. I have never specifically heard him threaten anything about using his guns (the texting a photo to his coworkers is the closest, which he claimed was just a joke).

I really believe his paranoia and anxiety affect his judgement to the point that he shouldn't be anywhere around guns. I've offered to buy them from him (when he was desperate for money) but he would chose homelessness before he gave them up. He most likely will end up homeless unless he gets some kind of therapy, but he no interest.

Once, when he was having a particularly bad mental break I tried to get him to check into the neuropsych institute but he wouldn't. I was able to get him to talk to someone on the crisis line once but that's about it.

When I see a shooting on the news sometimes I check the name to see if it's him. If he goes dark for a long time I check the inmate rosters for the local jails. What else can I do?

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