"most level headed American's want to get rid of ALL guns"

Posted By: UTAuley
Date: Thursday 8 November 2018, at 12:40 pm

Do you mean "most level headed American's DON'T want to get rid of ALL guns"? Otherwise, what are you basing your assumption on here, because I beg to differ. Most American's, even those speaking most strongly about better gun laws, are NOT talking about getting rid of all guns. The "level headed" ones, to me, are those that are even keeled on the thing, not going to the extremes of either end. I.E. we're the ones that may own guns, but aren't NRA members or feel that we need to defend ourselves from nuclear bombs from our own government. We also feel that owning a gun doesn't make us a criminal or increase the risk of us or a member of our household taking criminal action. Yes, a gun in the home increases the risk of gun injury/death. Similarly, living in the desert increases the risk of heat stroke. Precautions can be taken to minimize and remove that increased risk.

Arguing to take away all guns is not only not a level headed approach, it's not even remotely realistic. Think of the number of jobs that rely on and are affected by gun manufacturing and usage. Think of the revenue that the purchase of hunting licenses creates for your state. And not just revenue, but also what that money goes towards ... wildlife welfare, national parks, etc.

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