I kind of like the concept, but the application is "meh". Eagles helmets, for example, the wings come from the cross bar at the top of the facemask. These kind of float in noman's land between the earholes and top of the mask...

Posted By: UTAuley
Date: Thursday 8 November 2018, at 12:04 pm
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If all of the helmets are hand-painted, that means they won't necessarily all stem from the same points either. So you might get guys with feathers coming from the ear hole, the top of the face mask, the side, etc.

My other issue is that it's a red-tailed hawk ... not a red-feathered hawk, for a reason. If you're going to showcase the bird, I'd rather see some red tailfeathers and not the brown and white wing feathers, like what we've all seen from Dahlelama.

Along the same lines, the light inkwork to differentiate the feathers likely won't appear on the tv screen. So unless they do a lot of close ups, the helmets will look like our standard red, with a big, blurry cream blob on the side.

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