And I #%!@ing HATE the argument that banning guns will reduce violence in a meaningful way. You want more oppression? Create a bigger gap in weapons technology between the masses and the few, and you'll have it to the degree that that gap exists.

Posted By: Zeous
Date: Thursday 8 November 2018, at 11:50 am
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History has taught this lesson time and time again. Deterrence is an effective solution.

The number of people murdered by governments is FAR MORE than the number of people murdered in mass shootings by nutjobs with guns. Do the math. Think, if you can get yourself out of a state of heightened fear enough to do so.

That said, if things can be done to identify true nutjobs (and prevent abuse of that to silence political opposition) AND/OR identify methods to produce fewer nutjobs, then we're on to something. I favor the latter much more than the former, because just having fewer nutjobs is a better overall solution. But is that even on the table?
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