Here is the problem with sports coverage and radio in Utah.

Posted By: UtesMuss1
Date: Thursday 8 November 2018, at 09:48 am
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Sports radio has never been good in Utah, except that they had a few really good talents that eventually left. Ian Furness, Kevin Graham, John Lund, Spence Checkettes, Tim Benz, and rest are just garbage.

Nobody locally is even worth listening to. Hans Olsen is the best option for football coverage. 1280 has brought Frank Dolce as a guest for Ute games. I don't understand why 700 left Dolce go, because there is something going on with Bill or the decision making at 700.

700 is completely un-listenable with Ben and Gunther, both are gawd awful and for the Home of the Utes, they love to prop up tds. I get why they do the pac-12 poll with the local schools because they know and want a reaction from Ute fans. The best thing is to NOT listen to any Ben and Gunther show. Bill is ok and since he is the only voice of the Utes but letting Dolce go was a dumb move.

1280 is just garbage all around. David James and PK are amateurs and caters toward anything tds. The middle morning show, Tony and Austin isn't good at all. Hans and Scotty are ok but better than Jake and Monson. 1280 was listenable with Spence but ever since the Sources fiasco a few years ago, 1280's schtick is to keep tds relevant.

Why else would Gordon Monson go on a rant that Dr. Chris Hill would have the audacity to cancel 1280, SLC media and tds' beloved rivalry game? Because they have nothing else to discuss. The other factor is that Swinney got canned at 700 because he challenged Greg Hughes.

The best option for Utah, is to just cut ties to everything TDS, f*ck the local tds church government. Unfortunately, 1280 will never go away because they are owned by the Jazz but with listeners that are tied to tds and the mormon church, they will always be around. It is best if a pro-Utah media starts their own radio station with nothing but Utah coverage. UteZone is trying to do that.

Where else in the country does the big market pay attention to the irrelevant church school? Utah is in a P5 program and should be treated as such but the local media insists on throwing a bone to the church school. You have writers from the Deseret Zoob News (church owned, and should never be read) keeping Jimmer Fredette alive. Why?
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