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Sports radio in Utah

Posted By: paqogomez
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 07:16 am

I really want to like sports radio in Utah. I find that I have to listen to the clowns on 1280 because KALL700 plays nothing but ads. Well, at least every time I tune in, they have ads playing.

Yesterday in a rare moment, I turned on my car after work and they were having an actual interview with a Weber State coordinator. Of course the part I got to listen to was short-lived, and then they cut to ads. I decided when they came back on that I would listen to see if I was just imagining things. 5:40 - they come back on and discuss Ricky Rubio for 2 minutes. Then they spend one minute shilling for a cell phone repair place. 5:44 - literally one more minute discussing Donovan Mitchell, one minute discussing the upcoming Bill Riley remote at an auto dealership, then by 5:46 they cut back to ads.

So my choices are listening to Monson and whatever troglodyte he is working with this week discuss personal relationships and romantic movies, or I can listen to ads upon ads. Not only do we live in a desert lacking water, it seems we also live in a sports desert. *sigh*


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paqogomez icon NEW: Sports radio in Utah
paqogomez - -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 07:16 am [ID# 1929332] [reply]
o NEW: i quit listening to sports radio here years ago. No e of them are worthy of my time (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 08:33 am [ID# 1929339] [reply]
o NEW: RE: Sports radio in Utah
salUTE - -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 09:02 am [ID# 1929341] [reply]
o NEW: Ive been listening to the Podcast of Champions lately to get my sportsfix.
utejosh - -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 09:14 am [ID# 1929344] [reply]
Homer_Crimson icon NEW: They've been really high on the Utes until now. They don't go that deep, but it's a good snapshot of the conference week to week. (short)
Homer_Crimson - -- Thursday 8 November 2018, at 04:25 pm [ID# 1929436] [reply]
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