Sorry, but the thread Wannabe started a page back deserves some more exposure.

Posted By: 480ute
Date: Friday 10 August 2018, at 09:09 pm

I got down to this one and thought 'sure thing keyboard warrior.' Then, I kept reading. Once I got to the guy who had beer thrown on him while his buddy was being slapped in the face, I kinda started thinking that even a non-violent guy like myself might at least slap back. By the time I got to the post where the guy cited "unconfirmed stories" of people being urinated on, I was picturing me tearing dicks off in rage.

We all know that none of these things actually happened, but if they did, the first guy is right. Have some self respect for hell's sake. Honestly, who goes to an internet message board to whine about a dirty yewt slapping them around and pissing on them? Wars have been started over less. It's also nice to see that as divided as we've been over the past two years, there's always one thing that can bring us back together.
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