RE: Trey Gowdy doesn't understand what hyperbole is.

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Thursday 12 July 2018, at 06:55 pm

I too struggle with Trey Gowdy, maybe it is his looks. Still, I can’t imagine questioning someone as smug and condescending as Peter Strzok. Without hesitation, he suggests there is no such thing as bias, he can simply say anything he wants, act anyway he wants, but we should be reassured that he never acts on his personal heartfelt hate items as he works like a robot. His choice to lash back at everyone that questions his motives is awful, his missed opportunity to apologize with even a smidgeon of regret is sad. The most revealing part of the hearing is Robert Mueller did not even ask Peter a question about the texts, didn’t even give a friend a chance, because he considered it an open and shut case. But he expects people that don’t know him to pause and consider his smug explanation.

I wonder how he would feel about possible bias if he was on trial and the judge opened up with: F*** You Peter, God I hope someone locks you up because you are the worst thing that has walked the earth. But that is just my opinion; now let’s get down to hearing your case.

I worry that everyone reviewing him had their opinions going in. So patrician, when is someone going to surprise us and be objective? Something like a few positive comments and a few negative. Did anyone at all look like they wanted to listen and make a discovery?
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