RE: Jake Scott and Monson were talking about Dan Sorensen's article on Utah joining the PAC. Jake proceeds to ask, should Utah have looked out for tds? The local media still can't get off tds' balls. It's a great read btw.

Posted By: Charlie
Date: Wednesday 11 July 2018, at 08:05 pm
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BYU has a long list of excuses and misconceptions. They are very poor at self-evaluation. It is like a very average woman insisting she if beautiful and everyone else wondering what she is talking about. Want to validate, ask 3rd parties. What P5 teams consider them an equal? Are they more likely to be on others “can’t wait for that game” list or others “can’t stand that team” list?

Fehlberg tells us he secretly approached the Pac 10 in the late 90s, but they criticize Hill for doing the same thing. He even told us the Pac 10 was clearly not interested in two schools from the same market but they are disappointed that Utah did not try to repeat the same mistake. Somehow because Utah’s and BYU’s interests were aligned for years after Utah brought BYU (a complete unknown in the early 60’s) into the WAC, they have the concept that they took care of us for decades. I guess all the other WAC schools must also owe a great debt, or maybe the WAC was just itself. BYU did very well to move in and take control when the Arizona schools left and enjoyed quite a run thru the 80’s. But it didn’t last. By the 90’s Utah and TCU became competitive with them and later passed them. But they will always be quick to remind everyone they were dominant in the 80’s.

The religion excuse is equally strange. The Christian religion is not anti-gay. Christ lived at a time with a great deal of homosexuality and yet never mentioned a word about it. That is strange if it is that important. The religion didn’t give them that attitude, along the way arrogant leaders simply decided to add it to the list of things they hate. What is the root source for this? Next, if a religion develops a heartfelt belief, it should be for their members that choose to hold that belief. A religion is way out of line when it seeks to impose their beliefs of others outside their religion. It is like Spaniards threating Mayans with death if they don’t accept Christ. BYU’s owners could have chosen to sell this belief to their own members, however, they choose instead to leave the protected environment of a church and become a political special interest working against a clear worldwide trend to end this type of discrimination. Goodness, even today the UN regularly scolds countries like Russia for holding very similar anti-gay views. The negative views BYU has now are not the burdens of their religion, they are the results of their own choices to act inappropriately on views that they should have move on from.

Another explanation could be: BYU tried in the late 90s and simply were not attractive enough for the Pac 10. Utah tried 10 years later and was attractive enough. Maybe recent history is more important than the decades long before the current athletes and students were born. If the 80s meant anything to the current football landscape, everyone would remember that Florida State University left the Metro Conference for the ACC in 1991. But the history of the 80s means nothing to anyone as they think about FSU today. BYU needs to get that message. Who took care of FSU in the 80s, anyone care?
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