Thinking about pursuing an advanced degree, and have some questions for anybody who might have gone down a similar path.

Posted By: 480ute
Date: Wednesday 11 July 2018, at 03:31 pm

I've been in sales pretty much since I graduated, but took about eight years off to run a small business. We had our successes, but I started getting tired of it a year or so ago, and around the same time a recruiter actually contacted me with an opportunity that was right up my alley (guess I had a resume sitting on one of the career boards from years ago). So, I ended up selling my business, and jumping back into the work force.

I'm back in sales, and working for a great company that I plan on being with long term. I've considered pursuing a graduate degree in the past, but really didn't see the need when I was self employed. Now, I am seriously thinking about it again, a bit because I would like to get back into a learning environment, but more so that I can broaden my horizons. I'm not necessarily interested in climbing the corporate ladder, but it's always nice to have options when things go awry or when it's just time for something new.

So, is there any field or degree that's at least somewhat related that you'd recommend? I've been considering an MBA, or even going a more technical route. I'm no rocket scientist, so nothing too brainy. And, I wouldn't mind getting something that's not so broad as say an MBA, may be even something oriented toward a specific trade (if that makes sense). TIA
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