I'd like to see a Rogue One version of the PAC-12 Story about the embarrassingly wrinkled U flag...

Posted By: Riot West
Date: Wednesday 11 July 2018, at 12:51 pm
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Before things could become official, there were a few details for Utah to iron out.

Obviously, the flags weren't considered "a few details"...

Scott: We were very much trying to stay below the radar as much as possible. I think there was a common understanding amongst our presidents and athletic directors that the best outcomes for the Pac-10 at the time were going to be to go about evaluating our options and have negotiations quietly and privately, not through the media.

Imagine if a simple chore like steaming or ironing the wrinkles out of a couple U flags would've blown the whole thing?

Why are you ironing those two U flags?

PACMAS! $#!+, I wasn't supposed to say anything!

We must alert the media!

No! Is there anything I can do to keep you quiet?

I like socks.

I think I know of a guy that can help you...his name starts with a B and he's got a safehouse and some pills and an alternative Honor Code...

And that's how BYU helped Utah into the PAC-12...

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