Vulgar insults.

Posted By: jhill
Date: Wednesday 13 June 2018, at 07:19 pm
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I went back about 8 pages and counted the vulgar insults from each party.

Here are the results.

From Lefties,

#@%holes (5+times)
lieing blowhard
backers can go #%!@ themselves
#%!@ trump and #%!@ you
delusional narcissist
Richard cranium (dick head))
uber douche
$#!+ tier
hypermongering bitch

From the right
Liberal fool
#%!@ yourself
#%!@ing koke

(I am sure libtard was used but I did't see it. )

We can all do better to make this board a little more civil, but I think one side of the political spectrum can make more of a difference. Can we work on this?
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