North Korea jacking Trump around on talks - what does it mean?

Posted By: Ma'ake
Date: Wednesday 16 May 2018, at 07:08 am
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Basically, it re-iterates the axiom that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Kim is not stupid. Like everyone else in the world, they watch what is happening in the US, how an entire group of people (Republicans) have been molded quite dramatically from their original behavior and values, to the will and manipulation tactics of one man, who has no fear or morals, himself.

Of course Kim is going to imitate that, and take a page or two out of the playbooks of other strongmen, notably Putin.

Vladimir Putin notoriously makes people wait for scheduled meetings with him. It's not that he's late and unprepared - he just uses the opportunity to send the message to the other party/parties of who's in control. It's just psychological manipulation. Putin made his wife wait at their wedding. It's aggravating, it's makes people furious, it makes people boil and think about ways to "retaliate"... but ultimately they melt when the actual meeting gets started, which psycholoically reinforces that Putin is in control, not them.

Back to Trump & Kim, the NK leader is watching the news, watching how Trump did an impressive cartwheel to help Chinese workers keep their jobs for the TelCom company who had been in violation of Iranian sanctions, North Korean sanctions, etc... in exchange for Trump getting a $500 loan/donation for a Trump Tower projec in Malaysia, and Kim knows there's always a deal to be had, extra concessions to be insisted upon, with international norms and integrity and the value of American ideals and morality as discarded quaint notions.

Kim sees what a big F-ing deal has been made out of this upcoming meeting, how important it is to Trump, and realizes he has a very shiny object Trump wants... and needs to get more concessions out of the deal before he'll give up the now defunct nuclear weapons testing program.

Don't be surprised if Kim lets preparations proceed, lets the buildup resume, and strategically gets cold feet at the last minute, maybe while Trump is actually there... in order to get his own $500 Million hotel built in NK, free of charge, from America.

A quick glance at nations that have ne-nuclearized - either their weapons or programs - should give some clarity about what Kim is actually giving up:

-Ukraine has been bullied, invaded, and had land annexed by Russia directly, *AFTER* they gave up their Soviet era nuclear weapons.

-Libya negotiated away their nuclear arms development program and we all know how that turned out for Moammar Khadafy.

Who seriously believes Kim will give up weapons already created? The US itself no longer conducts actual nuclear tests - we don't need to, we can simulate it all on computers.

This entire spectacle is about Trump desperately needing a foreign relations "win" to elevate his standing at home. Kim knows this. He's not stupid. How much can HE get out of the deal without giving up nuclear weapons, literally?
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