I keep saying that the measure of a country's greatness should be measured by how it treats it's elderly, frail, handicapped etc. I will add to that and say how it treats it allies

Posted By: FlyfishingUte
Date: Monday 16 April 2018, at 07:11 pm
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After WW II we could have abandoned The Axis powers and told them to fend for themselves. Fortunately we didn't. We put our ingenuity and resources into helping them rebuild etc

People that subscribe to "America First" don't seem to understand that we stopped being an isolating Nation when we officially entered WW I. America should not go back to Pre WW I type policies yet it appears that is exactly what the current administration wants

NOBODY can survive in this world without the benefits of associating with others. The world has reached a point where we are reliant on the cooperation of others.

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