Could you imagine the $#!+storm if NBC had been pounding on this for Hillary, Donna Brazile and Rachel Maddow?

Posted By: Duhwayne
Date: Monday 16 April 2018, at 01:41 pm
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4/9 Hannity on Fox: Goes Off Over FBI Raid, Says Mueller Has Declared War on Trump off-over-fbis-cohen-raid-mueller-has-decla red-war-on-trump/

4/9 Hannity on Fox: Mueller is Fulfilling the Mainstream Media’s Fantasy with Cohen Raid s-fulfilling-the-mainstream-medias-fantasy -with-cohen-raid/

4/10 Hannity on Fox: Mueller Has Gone 'Rogue': Hannity Says Probe 'Off the Rails' After Cohen Raid nity-rips-mueller-probe-declared-war-donal d-trump-cohen-raid

4/13 Fox News: Michael Cohen arranged 'yet another hush NDA' with GOP donor, Stormy Daniels' attorney claims—RNC finance guy. 3/michael-cohen-arranged-yet-another-hush- nda-with-gop-donor-stormy-daniels-attorney -claims.html

4/15 Fox News: Trump says raid on personal lawyer Cohen makes attorney-client privilege 'thing of the past' 5/trump-says-raid-on-personal-lawyer-cohen -makes-attorney-client-privilege-thing-pas t.html

4/16 AM Michael Cohen Has a Mystery Client Who Won’t Let Him Reveal Identity ael-cohen-has-a-mystery-client-who-wont-le t-him-reveal-their-identity/

4/16 Noon on Fox: Stripper Storms Courthouse as Trump Lawyer Fights Feds over “Unprecedented” Evidence Seizure 6/cohen-attorneys-say-feds-seized-devices- that-have-nothing-to-do-with-warrant-rip-u nprecedented-search.html

4/16 PM Axios: Micheal Cohen’s Third Client: Sean Hannity hird-client-sean-hannity-4581c096-dc15-46f 2-8888-53001f5dfba6.html?utm_source=sideba r
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