One aspect of non-conference scheduling I'd like to see change ...

Posted By: SoCalPat
Date: Monday 12 March 2018, at 05:34 pm
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... is for us to get off of our Big Britches Syndrome and get Utah State and Weber State back on the schedule. Home and away. It was never really an issue under our previous coaches, and its two teams that are never Q4, and are often Q2 -- sometimes Q1.

There's nothing wrong with playing a road game against any in-state team, save for maybe Southern Utah. There's everything wrong with playing two 340-plus RPI teams at home.

No, such games don't garner huge headlines nationally. Yes, we'd all like to see bigger names come to the JHC. But until we can achieve the latter, getting USU and Weber back on the schedule is a very subtle move that can pay bigger dividends in March.
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