Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Wednesday 14 February 2018, at 11:04 am
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No contest...finding the NIT on TV can be a challenge its "respected" so much. CBI, non-existent.

Yes, this team has been up and down. After the Arizona swing, I thought we would see that end-of-season Ute team that would make some noise. They appeared to be coming together as a team, getting K3's schemes, working harder and smarter, feeling it.

Then came Colorado. Utah could not hit the broadside of a barn. Once a team gets frustrated on offense, the defense begins to breakdown too. Utah despite poor shooting stayed close early on, even maintained a slight lead, but the inability to convert good looks eventually blew them up. They looked pretty defeated by the late second half.

Now they destroyed two of the bottom half Pac-12 teams last week. At home. The defense they played was unbelievable. Against two bottom half Pac-12 teams. Just need to add that for emphasis. But Utah's ball movement is awesome, with a lot fewer WTF moments.

The players appear to be in a rhythm. Some issues need strength training to solve, this summer, such as Jace being a strip machine, or maybe its just the clubs he has for hands. Collette still struggles to score a contested shot and he gets stuffed more than a bell pepper. Yes, he had a breakout game against Cal, near the bottom of the league.

I think Washington will be an acid test for where this Ute team is headed. If they win, NCAA. If they lose, NIT.
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