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Searching for Common Ground...

Posted By: Ma'ake
Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 05:40 am

Our nation is pretty sharply fractured, with industrial sized amounts of anger, outrage, mistrust, etc, with derivative amounts of bemusement at the reactions of others by trolls, or maybe otherwise good hearted people enjoying perceived "payback", redemption for what they had to go through under Obama, etc.

Here's an idea that I would hope gets widespread support:

The states need to better secure their voting systems. We had heard about attempts to penetrate state voting systems in late 2016. Recently we found out that at least a few states' systems were penetrated, including Michigan.

(Note - having a penetration and being hacked are two different things. To be hacked, a penetration needs to occur, so it's still far from clear that successfully penetrated voting systems had votes altered.)

I can understand if some states are wary of working with the NSA and Homeland Security to secure their voting systems, fearing it may involve information getting back to hackers. (Yeah, the distrust is getting pretty thick. Besides that, the federal budget deficit is going to mushroom, so going with private contractors should also get bipartisan support.)

Skip the feds "help", use the more-than-capable services of IT Sec companies like FireEye and other private experts who've rooted out industrial espionage from foreign nations. If there is resistance from Legislatures who are now benefitted from the current environment, citizens need to apply pressure directly, through the media.

For the sake of the nation, SECURE THE DAMN VOTING SYSTEMS!.

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o NEW: Searching for Common Ground...
Ma'ake - -- Tuesday 13 February 2018, at 05:40 am [ID# 1902522] [reply]
o NEW: Nope. Great idea, but not gonna happen when the leader of the republican party refuses to implement sanctions and calls russian interference a hoax.
Ute Bear - -- Tuesday 13 February 2018, at 08:01 am [ID# 1902529] [reply]
UtahFanSir icon NEW: Both parties have been guilty over history of working hard to deny certain groups voting rights...
UtahFanSir - -- Tuesday 13 February 2018, at 08:17 am [ID# 1902530] [reply]
o NEW: A mail in ballot has worked well in Oregon. Works well in Salt Lake County too. Which Party is most opposed to this process? (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 13 February 2018, at 09:39 am [ID# 1902541] [reply]
UtahFanSir icon NEW: Which Party is most opposed to this process?
UtahFanSir - -- Tuesday 13 February 2018, at 01:32 pm [ID# 1902587] [reply]
o NEW: Physical ballots will always be the most secure method of voting.
ironman1315 - -- Tuesday 13 February 2018, at 11:33 am [ID# 1902561] [reply]
Zeous icon NEW: Why not go open source and trustless? (nm)
Zeous - -- Tuesday 13 February 2018, at 09:31 am [ID# 1902539] [reply]
pangloss icon NEW: I remember the distrust of Diebold voting machines in the early 2000's. I don't trust a for-profit corporation, led by a partisan CEO, as much as a career civil service bureaucrat.
pangloss - -- Tuesday 13 February 2018, at 11:10 am [ID# 1902553] [reply]
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