Roles reversed means if Trump hired a painter that clearly showed a white woman cutting off a black womans head of a biblical story when the races weren't clear $#!+ would hit the fan.

Posted By: jhill
Date: Monday 12 February 2018, at 05:39 pm
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I can't find one painting of this story that shows a black woman beheading a white woman.
You know and I know there were be an uproar if a white president did this in reverse. If you honestly don't think that I'll shut up. Nut up and admit it. This artist brought race into it and it wasn't necessary. In other words, Copy and Paste that response that you may or may not have come up with to other boards that say "this artist painted a black woman beheading a white woman" and you may be successful.

I clearly said it was a biblical story. That was a decent attempt to distract that this artist is a racist douche and would have worked on reddit but not with me.

Have a nice night.
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