So much fail...that image is by Kehinde Wiley and is of Judith & Holofernes. I'm not sure what "roles reversed" you're referring to, unless you mean if it was a white Judith cutting the head off a darker skinned Holofernes...

Posted By: UTAuley
Date: Monday 12 February 2018, at 05:27 pm
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FYI - that image, of a white Judith cutting off a black or at least darker toned Holofernes, can be found throughout classical art. Seeing as Holofernes was a follower of Nebuchadnezzar II, a Babylonian/Assyrian King, portraits of him having a darker skin tone are not without basis, although some also show him as the typical white skin, blond/brown haired. Just as Judith, being a subject of the Seleucid Empire is most often presented as white, although historically that region consisted of modern Jewish and Greek, so could also be of darker tone.

Second, Kehinde Wiley didn't paint Michelle Obama's portrait. That was done by the artist Amy Sherald. For the record, Amy Sherald is a woman, not a man. I've never seen any of Amy Sherald's works where she has a black woman beheading anyone. Her portraits are usually a pop-culture style with some significant detail in the facial features but muted backgrounds. Most of her work also has subtle themes worked into the portrait, such as a pair of black girls wearing similar clothing but one holding a pristine white doll and the other a corn husk doll (house slave vs. field hand), etc.
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