Yes, yes they are.

Posted By: UTAuley
Date: Monday 12 February 2018, at 04:11 pm
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His portrait at least looks like him, though way too flooded with the garden surrounding him. I understand that the flowers have significance (city flower of Chicago, state flower of Hawaii, and representative flower of his father's Kenya) but I'd have rather seen three small bushes of the flowers/plants in a more traditional setting, then to have his chair literally in a jungle.

And her portrait looks like a really decent best in show competitor for a high school art class, though I'm not exactly sure who the subject of the portrait is. Unless they went off a photo of Michelle from high school herself, that's a completely different model.

LBJ's was the first to take it outside of a stuffy library/office setting. Reagan's by far is the best aesthetically pleasing overall to me, although Carters looks like a freaking photograph. Bush the First looks like a candid shot (he's holding some random piece of legislature and looking kind of sideways at the artist). And I actually like the way Bush the Second's portrait turned out, with the setting of the oval office but not the traditional "behind the desk" shot you usually see of the oval office.
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