The 702 law does not authorize surveillance within the US or surveillance of US citizens abroad. It authorizes surveillance of non-US persons and entities overseas.

Posted By: pangloss
Date: Saturday 13 January 2018, at 02:43 pm
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If the target communicates with a citizen overseas or a US entity (citizen or non-citizen inside the US), the law requires a procedure be followed. The law has passed several 4th Amendment challenges.

For example, if my friend in Riyadh gives me a call and my friend is on the surveiled list, then our conversation can be recorded and the spies can get authority (I believe it's a separate approval) to uncover who I am and can get a warrant based on that intercept to open an investigation on me.

Or, if I access the overseas website of al-Qaida's magazine, Inspire, frequently I believe my internet activity could be detected under 401, an FBI investigation opened, and a warrant sought to monitor my internet activity and phone calls.

I'd give you a link to Inspire, but I'm paranoid.
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