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Posted By: Ute_In_Texas
Date: Saturday 13 January 2018, at 11:58 am
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It's one indictment with 11 counts. The basic charge is bribery of a foreign official.

The person indicted (Mark Lambert) was co-owner of a company (Transport Logistics) that provided transportation services in the US for nuclear material. When the Russians started buying US uranium production Lambert bribed Russian officials in order to gain contracts to transport their nuclear material in the US.

Keep in mind since the 80's the US and Russia have an agreement that converted uranium from Russia’s rotting nuclear stockpiles to power plant fuel, which was shipped to the United States for use. This was intended to provide a safe way to dispose of Russian uranium and keep it away from terrorists.

There is no evidence tying any of this to the Clintons. Right wing conspiracy theorists can play connect the dots and make a tenuous connection, but it's a reach with no real supporting evidence.
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