A. I didn't threaten your family. You're the one excusing his behavior and clintons and Kennedys et al

Posted By: FlyfishingUte
Date: Friday 12 January 2018, at 11:21 pm
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So its ok for trump to grab em by their pussy unless it's your family member?

Thanks for proving my point

And just to be VERY clear I did not in any way shape or manner threaten you or your family. All I did was expose your hypocrisy about your president. You're the one in her defending trump

I don't care that Kennedy was banging Marilyn. I don't care that Clinton was banging Monica. If Clinton had admitted to it and apologized instead of lying he'd of been better off

I don't even care if politicians pay people Hush money as long as it's NOT taxpayer money. You want to have affairs etc and have to pay people to keep em quiet do it from your PERSONAL checking account and NOT the racpeyers

As for me being a partisan hack meh. I won't vote for racist bigoted right wing tea party members not will I vote for people that are on the far left side of things.
I used to be a registered republican. I've never been a registered democrat

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