RE: I joined the lemmings today

Posted By: SaltyBacon
Date: Wednesday 6 December 2017, at 08:07 pm
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Sorry, let me rephrase that. Easy, if you know the basics of hacking. It wouldn't be easy for an idiot shlub like myself. There have been a number of "hiests" in the last few years. Mt Gox was a big one. Some people set hiup fake dark web sites fronting as drug markets and then just take your coins that way. Some hackers have hacked into virtual wallet sites and stolen them. Or, if you just keep them in a folder on your computer people can steal them from there.

Mining bit coins works by running algorithms on your computer, if you find the answer your reward is Bitcoin. Once those algorithms dry up so do the bit coins. It's pretty sophisticated and down right ingenious. I too am fasinated by it. I attend payment conferences every year for work, riviting I know, and always find the best sessions are the ones dealing with crypto currency, virtual currency like Bitcoin and the dark web. Crazy crazy stuff.

Here is a pretty good link explaining how to mine bitcoin.

Hopefully that worked.

In full disclosure, I work in the payment industry. So Bitcoin is technically a competitor. No one in the industry takes Bitcoin all that serious at the moment. Now, if that is a message, time will tell. Hell with how things are going in the world Bitcoin could be the next big thing. But until they are more widely accepted for everyday things I just don't see it. I for one wouldn't mind throwing 1/8th of a Bitcoin on some ladies at the Spearmint Rhino.
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