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Method to their madness...

Posted By: Maji Man
Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 03:52 pm

I suppose the bar code is one line of defense against counterfeit tickets now that many people are printing them at home in the secondary market. Also, have they instituted something for ticket upgrade priority or whatever some prior track record of a fan's ticket actually being used? So they read the bar code and you get "credit" for showing up for Miss Valley State in some giant AI loyalty calculator?

All that said, I guess they should be grateful there is a guy standing there wanting to spend an evening with his butt in a seat to watch Miss Valley State, and you might even buy some snacks at the concession stand.

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o NEW: Dovetailing the conversation below. I went to the Basketball game last night. My ticket wouldn't scan because of part of the bar code missing
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 02:06 pm [ID# 1893188] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: If you think that's bad wait until "Dress Like a Cowboy Night"...
Maji Man - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 02:18 pm [ID# 1893189] [reply]
o NEW: Hey as long as you don't mind me wearing my Harley chaps and ONLY my Harley chaps it's all good (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 02:21 pm [ID# 1893190] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: Whatever pleases the ticket gal! (nm)
Maji Man - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 03:45 pm [ID# 1893211] [reply]
scratch icon NEW: Maybe I'm missing something but it sounds like it worked out perfectly for you. I'd commend the guy who just let you in to the game despite what is presumably the standard protocol. (nm)
scratch - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 02:25 pm [ID# 1893192] [reply]
Red Don icon NEW: No Subject (short)
Red Don - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 02:32 pm [ID# 1893193] [reply]
scratch icon NEW: What if the girl hadn't been there? And maybe the protocol is just to tear it, but the girl didn't know that. In any event, why complain about it when it turned out perfectly despite having a damaged ticket? (nm)
scratch - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 02:33 pm [ID# 1893194] [reply]
o NEW: I keep my basketball ticket in my glove box and separate it when I park my ride. I don't take anything else into the game with me
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 02:55 pm [ID# 1893196] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: Method to their madness...
Maji Man - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 03:52 pm [ID# 1893212] [reply]
o NEW: you just reminded about the five dollar pizza slice. Do NOT get the five dollar pizza. you've been warned. (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 04:15 pm [ID# 1893220] [reply]
Newbomb Turk icon NEW: If I get food I get Yoshi's (nm)
Newbomb Turk - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 04:25 pm [ID# 1893223] [reply]
Maji Man icon NEW: Not a Crown Burger and a flask in your coat pockets? (nm)
Maji Man - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 08:03 pm [ID# 1893241] [reply]
o NEW: I did that until I was attacked by a group of rabid MUSS members and almost had to taze them to keep my whiskey and burger outta their clutches (nm)
FlyfishingUte - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 08:54 pm [ID# 1893244] [reply]
mokus icon NEW: What are you doing to your tickets that they are unscannable? How about you leave some stuff at home next time and stop packing your fanny pack so tight with crap? (nm)
mokus - -- Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 02:45 pm [ID# 1893195] [reply]
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