With those kind of stats it is actually very easy to judge the efficacy of the new offense:

Posted By: alUmnUs
Date: Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 11:16 am

The offense is not good.

And once again we're back to the familiar paradigm of our offense being the opponents best defense.

As bad as it appears the defense has looked at times this year, the truth (once again) is that 1) the offense has left bucket loads of points on the field, 2) the offense has gift wrapped a lot of points to opponents, 3) and if not points, short fields (where the D has been quite efficient at holding the opponent to FGs, 4) by and large, the D has played well enough to allow an O that is not inept to put enough points on the board to win a game.

That said, I like the addition of Troy Taylor. I like the scheme. I like what I see the O trying to do (where in years past I had no idea what we were trying to do except for run the ball). I hate the execution. This O has delivered the poorest execution that I think we've seen since joining the PAC12. I think there are a lot of reasons for that, but I'm not ready to place the majority blame on coaching (though, I have wondered at times if Harding and Taylor are on the same page). It's first and foremost a QB issue. After that, a lot of things just have not come together this season for the O. I mean, can anyone remember a team that has been so frequently penalized for ineligible receivers downfield?

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