A few thoughts:

Posted By: 480ute
Date: Tuesday 14 November 2017, at 08:19 am
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1. Half the population didn't vote for Trump, and far less approve of him as POTUS.

2. Insulting Trump supporters is counterproductive (I've failed on this in the past), but a lot of people are frustrated at the responses by Trump voters. It seems like whenever we try to engage in debate over something Trump says or does the conversation circles back to the Clintons. That, or we get the standard response of "I'm just glad he pisses off liberals", when y'all know damn well by now that this isn't a partisan battle for most of us. If that was the case, most of the Trump threads would be focused on his policy initiatives, but they're almost always centered around him personally. Yesterday, one of his supporters basically said something along the lines of "if he builds the wall and doesn't start a nuclear war" then he's a success. How much lower can the bar go?

3. I think most of us have more civilized debates with friends, family, etc. It's unfortunate, but discussions online tend to be less civil, because it's easy to forget that you're talking with a real person. Utefans, and other forums, become outlets to vent frustration at times, and this President has provided more fodder than any in hisotry.

You were excited about a guy who claimed to be a populist. I get that. We're all tired of the status quo, and very few Dems that I know were excited about the prospect of Hillary in the White House. If anything, most were pissed that Bernie didn't get a fair shake. What I have never understood is how y'all could so easily, and almost constantly, brush aside every mental and character defect that Trump displays. We heard that he was just riling up the base to garner votes, and that he would change once in office. Hell, he even claimed he would cut out some of his antics ("tweeting is unpresidential").

I will never understand why anybody voted for him, and I do get pissed from time to time when I see how fervently some folks still support him. He's done next to nothing, other than repeal some regulations that will ultimately hurt all of us, and destroy many of our relationships around the world. In the mean time, he's cuddled with a man who was our sworn enemy not long ago; a guy who hacked our democratic process; an enemy of the state. He threatens our constitution at every turn, while the party that constantly cries about patriotism stands behind him. He often called Obama a divider, but he has created a rift in our country that may take decades to heal. He seems hellbent on kicking off a nuclear war, and many of his supporters think he's doing what should have been done long ago; that his actions are how a real man acts, while totally disregarding (or failing to understand) the catastrophic consequences of attacking North Korea.

On top of all this he drained the swamp, and refilled it with Wall Street execs, destroying the already blurred line between government and corporate interests. I don't know if he's a fascist, or alt-fascist, but he seems to be everthing that conservatism detests. The only good thing that's come of this nightmare is that many DC politicians have been largely exposed for the sycophantic sleazes they truly are.

Please, answer this one question. What has he done that you believe is positive? I don't want to hear about the Clintons, or what he wants to do. Give me specifics, please.

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