Uniquely unqualified.

Posted By: UtahFanSir
Date: Thursday 12 October 2017, at 09:42 am
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I am worried. For this country, I'm worried. I had hopes that he would actually do some good as president, even though I did not vote for him.

My contention is that he would not be in trouble, even with all we know, as you mention, until his base was eroded by 30-40%. Increasingly there is evidence that his support is beginning to flag.

Reuters Poll in Rural America.

In August I met a couple who are deeply involved in political campaigns, as professionals. We talked about our president's poll numbers. They said that those numbers are really about as low as they can go, plus or minus. That opinion was based on decades of work, it is understood that a core group of voters, not matter what, is literally "unmovable" in their support. This pair believed we are there with this president.

Why the ardent support in the face of all you and I see? Therein lies the great cultural divide. Between two sides of issues is a massive difference in outlook, in experience, in education, in thinking styles, perception, and in gut feel for what is and is not. We see this in spades on the microcosm of UF.N. Folks just see the same events, hear the same information, and perceive and interpret it completely differently. Furthermore, once someone has made up their mind, for some if not many, no amount of contrary information will change their minds. Part of that is confirmation bias, but I am sure other factors are involved. For example, it is very difficult for folks to admit they have made a mistake. I know some folks where it is impossible for them to admit such.

My concern mirrors your thoughts. I think it a disaster that the Iran nuke deal not be ratified. At that point, I seriously doubt Iran will ever come back to the table. If I were an Iranian, I certainly would not. And having worked in the Middle East for six years, I can assure you that the loss of face over this will create a deeper and more determined enemy.

I think we all need to absorb the thinking of other countries toward America. We see a land of liberty, freedom, self-determination, and equality. We see a peacemaker, an open and generous nation. Other countries see an arrogant global economic and military hegemonic bully, ready and willing to topple governments the US does not like. I know this because I listened to folks in the 12 years I lived in Asia and Europe and another six I worked in the Middle East.

So I am petrified.

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