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She doesn't do what they think she should

Posted By: Diehard Ute
Date: Friday, April 14, 2017 at 07:05 pm

And by they I mean the sniveling elite gymnastics fans who think they're experts at everything and anything gymnastics related.

Her passion and outward enthusiasm rubs them wrong. They believe she shouldn't retweet things, she shouldn't get excited when she hits a routine etc etc.

She's long been an outcast from their little club. Being at Utah has just made her a bigger target. (The elite fans have always disliked Utah, the reasons, well who exactly knows, although the fact that our coaches have long done things their way and not been quiet about it certainly has something to do with it)

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LadyUte icon NEW: Red Rocks competed in the first session at Nationals. Came in 3rd. Behind Oklahoma and UCLA. Heading to the Super 6!!! (nm)
LadyUte - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 02:03 pm [ID# 1865647] [reply]
newmanscott22 icon NEW: SO expect a finish outside the top 3 again......?.......... (short)
newmanscott22 - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 02:15 pm [ID# 1865648] [reply]
o NEW: Not necessarily. They clean up their vault and bars scores just a little bit and they'll be right there tomorrow.
diehardutefan 4 life - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 02:26 pm [ID# 1865650] [reply]
LadyUte icon NEW: I'm on this gymnastics page on Facebook. And most other gymnastics fans hate her. Makes me laugh how much. I am so glad she is a Red Rock!! (short)
LadyUte - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 02:32 pm [ID# 1865652] [reply]
Vegas Ute icon NEW: The "Gymternet" is in flames because Skinner is in pole position in AA.
Vegas Ute - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 02:58 pm [ID# 1865655] [reply]
o NEW: Honest question. Why is Skinner so hated in the gymnastics community? She's obviously very talented and seems like a nice kid and good teammate in the interviews I've seen of her.
ex'dute - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 04:53 pm [ID# 1865656] [reply]
daedalus icon NEW: Jealousy? Seriously, "gymternet." I'm just a casual fan and all I can tell is she's kinda cute (and I'm too old and married to be anything but creepy, so stopping there). (nm)
daedalus - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 06:55 pm [ID# 1865666] [reply]
Diehard Ute icon NEW: She doesn't do what they think she should
Diehard Ute - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 07:05 pm [ID# 1865670] [reply]
Red Don icon NEW: F**k 'em; I hope she keeps doing what she's doing. (nm)
Red Don - Top 25 Poster -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 07:36 pm [ID# 1865671] [reply]
LadyUte icon NEW: There was one thread with over 300 comments about a photo she posted. Either Twitter or instagram. Her and the team. Behind them on a white board it had "Kick ASUs trash."
LadyUte - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 08:46 pm [ID# 1865684] [reply]
o NEW: Congrats to Skinner the 2017 NCAA Floor champion!
trulyred86 - -- Friday 14 April 2017, at 08:56 pm [ID# 1865686] [reply]
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