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Larry K came walking

Posted By: Diehard Ute
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 03:15 pm

Up the stairs last night about 45 minutes before tipoff. He stopped at every fan in those sections, shook our hands, thanked us for coming and talked to each person for a minute.

The team obviously has a long way to go, but it was nice to see Larry engage fans. Having sat along the aisle the coaches use for over 30 years the last coach to do that was Majerus.

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Diehard Ute icon NEW: Larry K came walking
Diehard Ute - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:15 pm [ID# 1275936] [reply]
o NEW: Really? had several nice chats with Jimmy over the years too... can't coach, but loved the fans. (nm)
OppressedUte - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:18 pm [ID# 1275939] [reply]
Diehard Ute icon NEW: Yup. He'd walk by and wouldn't even look at people
Diehard Ute - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:22 pm [ID# 1275942] [reply]
Green Storm Ute icon NEW: As much as I liked Jimmy as a person he kissed a lot of big donors butt's
Green Storm Ute - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:25 pm [ID# 1275944] [reply]
o NEW: Well.... I didn't wanna brag, but... (nm)
OppressedUte - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:29 pm [ID# 1275949] [reply]
GUBA icon NEW: I had numerous chats with Jim while he was coach. He would go around and shake everyone's hand at the coach's shows and last year he even came around the tailgate lot one Friday night handing out pizzas. He was one of the most fan friendly coaches I (short)
GUBA - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:43 pm [ID# 1275958] [reply]
o NEW: Thank you-- again just want to prove that he was a great U ambassador, just couldn't coach college hoops. (nm)
OppressedUte - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:45 pm [ID# 1275960] [reply]
WebMonkey icon NEW: I agree 100% (nm)
WebMonkey - Top 25 Poster -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 05:02 pm [ID# 1276023] [reply]
Diehard Ute icon NEW: On a side note, the usher in our section had no idea who Larry was , yet complains about the teams play all game long. Great ambassador! (nm)
Diehard Ute - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:37 pm [ID# 1275956] [reply]
GUBA icon NEW: The ushers at the Huntsman Center are terrible!! (nm)
GUBA - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:44 pm [ID# 1275959] [reply]
Diehard Ute icon NEW: Sadly they changed some policies a few years ago and chased off almost all of the good ones. (nm)
Diehard Ute - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:46 pm [ID# 1275961] [reply]
o NEW: I'm never quite sure whether to be annoyed or not when a grumpy usher asks for my ticket when I've had the same seats for 20 years, and there's ESPECIALLY not an issue of available seats. (nm)
OppressedUte - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 03:48 pm [ID# 1275962] [reply]
leftbanke7 icon NEW: He's just doing his job. Plus it would be completely stupid to let all 16 of you watching the game sit together (nm)
leftbanke7 - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 04:00 pm [ID# 1275969] [reply]
Diehard Ute icon NEW: Email Chris Hill. I spoke to him at the OSU football game....
Diehard Ute - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 04:03 pm [ID# 1275974] [reply]
GUBA icon NEW: My kids and I were treated so rudely by usher Ray V. last year at the first game of the year that I have never been back. He was a complete douche to my kids and made my youngest rather upset. I don't miss it though. (nm)
GUBA - -- Tuesday 15 November 2011, at 04:05 pm [ID# 1275975] [reply]
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