The good and bad news with Chow (if this goes down).

Posted By: PandaUte
Date: Thursday 13 January 2011, at 05:15 pm
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Good news:

Obviously, he's a brilliant playcaller. Can't think of another coordinator that can match his experience and knowledge. He's got a play for just about every offensive scenario you can think of.

Norm Chow is a big name in college football. A man with his reputation isn't going to have much trouble getting a recruit's attention.

He's a pro-style guy. Some will disagree, but Utah's gotten all the mileage they're gonna get out of the spread. Defenses have adapted to it and Jordan Wynn's simply not equipped to execute it. Chow can fix this.

He can be a tremendous mentor to some of our younger coaches.

Bad news:

He's 64. Not that I question his ability to coach an offense at that age; my concern is more with his level of commitment. Is he really interested in putting forth the time and effort needed to help Utah win Pac-12 championships - OR - does he simply see this as an opportunity to quietly and comfortably wind down his career at his alma mater?

Given his recent track record at UCLA, I don't think its an unfair question.

The other consideration here is how much longer before he decides to retire.

Certainly I'm intrigued by the possibilities with Chow, I'm just not convinced this is the right hire. I guess we'll see it how it unfolds.
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